foil for digital printer( toner reactive foil)

  • digital foils for printer use
  • digital foils for printer use
  • digital foils for printer use
  • digital foils for printer use
  • digital foils for printer use
  • digital foils for printer use
digital foils for printer usedigital foils for printer usedigital foils for printer usedigital foils for printer usedigital foils for printer usedigital foils for printer use

digital foils for printer use

  • colors can OEM
  • thickness is 16U
  • 10 rolls per cartons
  • printer foil
  • Product description: digital foils for printer use

digital foils for printer use

hot stamping card A4 size, 210mm × 297mm printer DIY special hot stamping paper,These specialty foils have a unique coating that will only stick to the certain type of styrene plastic found in the toners used for laser printers and photo-copiers. When the foils are exposed to moderate heat and high pressures, the foils will convert black toner into any of 13 metallic shades, black, grey, white, specialty "metallic" and "clear" for color toners and two holographic films.


This product is NOT suitable for inkjet printers and Brother Laser Printers due to the toner they use (it will not re-fuse). A suitable Toner Image Applicator (TIA) is also required to apply the required heat and pressure for toner transfer.

An iron can also be used however the results can be mixed.

Step 1: The computer selects the image to be printed

Step 2: Print the pattern

Step 3: Cut the hot stamping paper
Step 4: Photo press is overheated

Step 5: After the paper is cold, tear it open

:::::::: ♥♥ STEP BY STEP ♥♥::::::::
Printing you artwork in black & white use you laser printer.
Monochrome printer works best, colour laser printer works as well if you print your artwork in b/w.

Laminator power on or iron heat up.
gold foil shinny side up, grey side face to face with you printed artwork, then go through your laminator or press with your heated iron.
you may need kitchen / baking paper to sandwich your artwork and your foil.

when your sandwich comes out, remove your baking paper, tear off your foil, all your black toner places are replaced with your shinny foil.

Done, your masterpiece standing there with shinny faces smiling to you.

I tried many printers, they all work. But depends on the type of your toner powder, I cannot guarantee working every printer.
for coated paper, special paper, textured paper, cannot get best result.

This foil do not need industrial or productive laminator.
the laminator on above pictures without adjustable button except power on/off. but it works.

Solid black works best, if your prints are grayscale or other colours, will get poor result.
Smooth paper works best. rough paper poor quality.

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Q & A
QUESTION: How you foil works with other laminator ?

ANSWER: I tried many. but for sure I cannot try everyone. it will works because most of them working temperatures are roughly 160-170 celsius.
this foil works that temperature. it changes the specifications to fit the household laminators.

I am a graphic designer running a small printing business. the first foil order took me two months to get the best result. I tried every temperature, pressure & speed.
Later, I works with the manufacture, changed a bit to fit household/ office laminator

Anything I can help, just send me a message, my pleasure to answer.

Q1) .How about your MOQ of your foil ?
If you have shipping agent ,no MOQ
If not have ,will have 10 Rolls per color ,MOQ 100ROlls
Q2). Could you please give me the quality sample?
If you need some sample for reference,please let us know your fully address/ship
mode with courier,and we will arrange our available sample for your reference.
Q3).  What is your lead time ?
7-15 days , depending on the quantity  , we almost have safe stock .
Q5). How do I pay for my order?
We accept L/C ,T/T , Paypal .

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