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What is the difference between silk screen processing and bronzing processing?

Silk screen processing and bronzing processing, I believe everyone knows something. All belong to a special printing process, and the difference is still very large. Here are the three major differences between them:

1. Technical differences

The bronzing process is a special printing process without ink. The so-called hot stamping refers to the process of imprinting electrochemical aluminum foil on the surface of the substrate under a certain temperature and pressure. Silkscreen is the process of printing patterns and characters on flat and irregular surfaces. Silkscreen can also be colored silkscreen.

2. Use a different device

The hot stamping process requires a hot stamping machine, a pattern template and an electrochemical foil to operate. Screen printing adopts screen and screen printing ink, which can be operated by manual screen printing or screen printing machine to complete the process of screen printing.

3. Different scope of application

The application of bronzing technology is not only book covers, advertisements, plastic surfaces, daily necessities, etc. , and the application field of bronzing technology is still increasing. Silk screen printing is different, except for air and water, everything can be printed, and it is more used in electronics, decoration, ceramics, gifts, stationery, luggage, advertising signs, glass, metal and many other related industries. Now there is monocrystalline silicon wafer screen printing, which has raised the screen printing to the level of technological content.

Oil spray silk screen printing can make the appearance of the product more outstanding. Today, economic and product changes have accelerated the rapid development of the oil jet screen printing industry. Its formation has also brought huge benefits to the enterprise and brought about different development. In the future, oil injection silk screen processing.

Plastic injection silk screen factory

With the rapid development of technology, the appearance of various products is ever-changing, and the requirements for oil-injection silk-screen processing are getting higher and higher. Its wide application improves the processing speed, reduces the processing cost, saves human resources, reduces the worries of enterprise development, and lays a good foundation for the future.

Manufacturers pay more attention to the quality and appearance of the flash point. The quality of the product is good, the appearance is good, and it is inevitable to buy a cost-effective product. Meeting people's special needs and market demands will win the favor of more consumers.