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PET anodized aluminum factory resistant to high temperature cold stamping paper characteristics and use method

The commonly used laminating machine or rotary stamping components of the drum label printer or flexo printing machine has been suitable for cold stamping, or after modification may be suitable for cold stamping, the use of cold stamping process, through the use of different glue, substrate, ink roller and plate, can achieve partial, half to full rotation of different cold stamping effect.

Main features:
The new cold foil transfer printing technology breaks the limitation of the traditional bronzing process of stamping first and then printing, and the printed matter can be processed after printing, that is, hot stamping after printing, hot stamping after printing; And overcome the problem of thin paper bronzing, can deal with a wide range of printing materials, so that the substrate has a shiny metal effect, cold foil transfer printing can be installed in offset unit, so can use many advantages of offset printing,
The use of cold foil transfer printing with high accuracy, suitable for text, lines, flat screen and field processing, one walk, absolute accuracy. Good adhesion, with 3M tape peeling detection can not drop gold powder;
Scratch resistance detection; Friction resistance test; Perspiration resistance test; Oil resistance test; Oxidation resistance test; Bagel detection;
Low temperature hot stamping, easy and good hot stamping, hot stamping patterns full, lines, clear handwriting without leakage hot, high brightness; Resistance to anhydrous ethanol immersion detection! Can be printed after hot stamping, hot stamping after printing; Can be repeated heavy ironing.

Application: suitable for text, line, flat screen and field processing