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How to accurately choose the bronzing paper to understand what product needs?

How to accurately choose the bronzing paper to understand what product needs? Accurate selection of bronzing paper bronzing paper materials can bring higher industrial efficiency for enterprises to reduce manpower, material resources, time and resources. The choice of hot stamping paper is very important for the products to be hot stamped. First, you should know the items you want to hot stamp and the effect of hot stamping, and then choose the hot stamping paper accurately. The following are various items that use Hot stamping paper for hot stamping (for reference) .
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1. Cosmetics: PE tube, PE bottle, powder box, lip moisturizing tube, lipstick tube, eyelash tube, eyebrow pencil, cream bottle, PP cap.

2. Home appliances: audio shells, DVD panels, electrical panels, clocks, telephone buttons, mobile phone panels, computer accessories, cables.

3. Stationery category: all kinds of pen portfolios, notebooks, universal manuals, photo albums.

4. Paper packaging: water transfer decals, wine labels, high-end paper boxes, gift boxes, desk calendars, self-adhesive labels, handbags, wine boxes, flannel boxes.

5. Hardware craft products: photo frames, wine bottle caps, acrylic, hair accessories, leather products, toys, tools.

6. Medicine and food packaging: date printing foil, barcode foil, drip bag.

7. Automobile and locomotive categories: outdoor foil, instrument panel, decorative board, digital code foil.

8.Cloth printing water washable foil: soak in general washing powder for 12 hours, stir for 45 minutes, the color layer will not fall off
The difference between using hot stamping method and using hot stamping. Flat ironing and piping hot; according to the different hot plates used, there are metal plates and rubber plates.

The size of the bronzing area. Mainly due to the different elasticity of the release layer of the bronzing paper, the size of the bronzing area is also very important for the selection of bronzing paper. Generally, the bronzing paper can be divided into fine print bronzing, small and medium area color blocks, large area color blocks, and full area bronzing The difference in speed. Whether to use a fully automatic high-speed machine (the high-speed machine here is not the usual so-called pneumatic automatic, pneumatic automatic is actually a semi-automatic machine), semi-automatic machine, manual machine, etc. hot stamping.

Hot stamping requirements. Whether it needs to be printed after hot stamping (including machine printing, oil spraying, etc.).

Products used indoors are also products used outdoors. The hot stamping of indoor products such as cosmetics is also very demanding.

Choice of brightness and color. Only after the above conditions are met, the brightness and color of the bronzing paper are finally selected. Generally speaking, the brightness of anodized aluminum is higher than that of powder foil, and the brightness of anodized chromium is higher than that of anodized aluminum. The brightness of hot stamping paper with high thickness is better than that of low thickness hot stamping paper.

Hot stamping is a commonly used printing process, but it is not easy to do a good job of hot stamping, especially the choice of hot stamping paper is very important.

So when choosing a bronzing paper, you can't just look at the surface, it's most important to understand the real needs of your product.