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Basic structure of bronzing paper

Bronzing paper must be used in silk screen bronzing. Bronzing paper is what we call anodized aluminum. It is coated with many chemicals on the surface of the polyester film. Some layers can control the performance of the bronzing paper, and some just Play a decorative role. Let Dongguan Yongdeli hot stamping Paper Franchise introduce to you the structure of hot stamping paper.

hot stamping paper is used in hot stamping, and the temperature is generally 95-135 degrees Celsius. Different Hot stamping papers should be selected according to the different substrates and patterns. The hot stamping area is also different, divided into three different areas: large, medium and small. The specification of bronzing paper on the market is generally 0.64m (width) * 120m (length), and the specification can also be determined according to customer requirements.

There are many layers of bronzing paper, mainly including base layer, release layer, color layer, electroplating layer and glue layer. The base layer is the PET film, which is a kind of polyester resin, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance. The thickness of the bronzing paper is determined by the thickness of the polyester resin.

The release layer is a silicone resin, which can peel off the color layer, electroplating layer and glue layer after bronzing from the base layer. The release layer is also called the peeling layer, which is directly related to the size and quality of the graphic.

The second is the color layer. The color layer is mainly composed of synthetic resin and fuel. Bronzing paper can be synthesized into various colors. This layer can be tested for environmental protection. The electroplating layer uses vacuum electroplating, which can reflect light. This layer determines the brightness of the bronzing.

The last layer is the glue layer, which is a kind of thermoplastic resin, which can be bonded to the substrate, so different substrates are hot stamped