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Does the pressing temperature have a big influence on the bronzing paper?

The temperature determines the quality of your hot stamping. When the temperature is high, the hot stamping paper loses its brightness. When the temperature is low, you can't stamp it completely, so the temperature determines the result of your hot stamping.

The hot melt adhesive coating amount of the bronzing paper itself is very small, so if the hot stamping temperature it receives is slightly deviated, it will directly affect the transfer quality of the bronzing paper. In addition, the metal aluminum layer sprayed on the surface of the bronzing paper is also very thin and sensitive to temperature changes, so the bronzing temperature of the bronzing paper must be controlled. Failures such as aluminum drop, bubbles, peeling and delamination also have a great relationship with the control of the hot stamping temperature of the Hot stamping paper. The relevant technical personnel should adjust the hot stamping temperature of the hot stamping paper according to the cause of the quality failure.
However, in the actual operation process, temperature adjustment is not easy to control. For example, hot stamping paper will cause some quality problems due to fluctuations in the hot stamping temperature. When the hot stamping temperature of the hot stamping paper is too high, the surface aluminum layer of the hot stamping paper will melt again, splashing, and even quality defects such as discoloration, surface fogging, and no laser gloss will occur. When the hot stamping temperature of the hot stamping paper is too low, the hot melt adhesive of the hot stamping paper is not fully melted, and it is prone to quality defects such as incomplete hot stamping, blurring, paste printing, and poor hot stamping. All in all, temperature is one of the important factors that affect the hot stamping effect of hot stamping paper, and attention should be paid to temperature adjustment when processing and hot stamping products.