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How to calculate the cost of printing bronzing?

Fee: unit price of square meter centimeters *. hot stamping price: square meters (hot stamping plate area +1.5CM)* unit price.

Quotation formula: weight (length × width ÷2)= law: generosity 0.531 weight positive 0.43 weight. Calculation method: Weight (law)× gram number × ton price ÷500 pieces × print number ×1.1% loss = total paper money.
Pre-press expenses: the pre-press expenses of the pre-press procedure and the post-press expenses of the post-press processing procedure. Typing, design, production, scanning, film, sulphate paper, inkjet proofing, laser proofing, electricity, electricity proofing, copy receiving, proofreading, the fare is pre-press.
Book cover hot stamping, gift box hot stamping, tobacco, wine, clothing trademarks and boxes of hot stamping, greeting CARDS, invitations, pens, and so on, the color and pattern of many, but also according to specific requirements to make special edition. Hot stamping base materials include general paper, gold, silver ink ink printing paper, plastic (PE, PP, PVC, engineering plastics such as ABS, etc.), leather, wood and other special materials.
Anodized hot stamping foil is mainly used to heat and pressure, the pattern or text transferred to the surface of the hot stamping material. To complete this process, a hot stamping machine, engraved with special characters or patterns of gold templates (such as zinc, copper, silicone, etc.), heat to the required temperature, transfer the required pressure and maintain the corresponding time.