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Teach you to solve the problem of incomplete hot stamping of clothing

Normand helps you analyze why during the hot stamping process of clothing, the hot stamping effect is prone to be unsatisfactory. Many small holes of hot stamping paper are not clean.

To eliminate the cause of the plugging, also determine whether the bronzing paste is completely dry; first, the bronzing paper is high-temperature bronzing paper, not suitable for cold bronzing or table bronzing, and the bottom of the low-temperature paper or bronzing paper is not loose. The table is not hot enough or the pressure of the pressing machine is not enough.

. Why does the surface stick back after hot stamping?

The main reason is that the thickness of some gold foil paper may be relatively thin, or it may be dried again without a dryer.

If the bronzing paste is too thick, you can add some water to make it thinner.