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Introduction and selection guide of gold foil paper

Bronzing paper can now be applied to various industries, including printing and packaging, cosmetic packaging, clothing fabrics and various types of plastic products, such as ABS, PP, spraying and other surfaces.
There are also many manufacturers of gold foil paper, such as Kurz gold foil paper from Germany Kurz, Germany OIKE cosmetic gold foil paper from Japan, Japan Hexin KOMA gold foil paper, Japan Kodani KATANI high-quality gold foil paper, slightly lower-end brands such as Korea ITW Gold foil paper, South Korea Kelon KOLON gold foil paper, and cheaper brands such as Taiwan South Asia, Taiwan vacuum aluminum plating and other gold foil paper.
So many industry applications, so many product brands, the variety, color, model, and specifications of the gold foil paper are varied. How to choose the gold foil paper that suits you from so many types is a problem in front of customers. It also makes the customer choose a lot of brains and spend a lot of time and energy.