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How is the general bronzing paper used?

The types of hot stamping paper mainly include: paper-based bronzing paper, plastic bronzing paper, bronzing auxiliary materials, electronic plastic bronzing paper, and cloth-based bronzing paper.

In general, hot stamping paper can be divided into two types: hot and cold. hot stamping is mainly referred to as thermal transfer, and cold stamping mainly refers to pressure transfer.

Hot stamping transfer, generally use a special hot stamping machine, hot stamping material through a certain temperature and a certain pressure, and need to use a certain mold.

Cold ironing does not require too high a temperature, and only a certain pressure is required to complete the hot stamping.

Of course, it is also possible to use a non-traditional bronzing method to transfer the gold foil, for example, using glue transfer, and then using glue, double-sided tape or the like to complete the transfer of the gold foil layer.

The basic principle of bronzing paper is to heat transfer the gold foil from one carrier to another by heating and pressing.

Generally, a hot stamping machine is needed to do this, and then a thermal transfer is performed through a template. The template is loaded onto the bronzing machine by other means such as high-temperature glue, adjusted to a suitable temperature and a suitable pressure, and the bronzing paper is covered on the object to be burned, and then the bronzing task can be completed. In general, the hot stamping process is still very simple.

However, although the hot stamping process is simple, the hot stamping effect is affected by many factors.

First of all, the type of bronzing paper to be used is different depending on the material to be burned. The adhesion effect of different materials on the same type of bronzing paper is different. Therefore, when purchasing Hot stamping paper, the other party must provide suitable bronzing paper.

Hot stamping papers of different materials such as hot paper, kraft paper, PU, cloth, flannel, leather, PP, ABS are not the same.

Secondly, temperature also has a great influence on hot stamping. The temperature is low, the hot stamping strength is not enough or hot, and the temperature is high, it is easy to have burrs or even scalded materials. The proper temperature and the physical and chemical properties of the gilding paper and the physicochemical properties of the scalding paper are closely related.

Again, the pressure on different hot stamping needs is different. Generally speaking, the pressure required for hot stamping on a large area is large, and the pressure on a small area is small.