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What is the cause of the hot blonde in the process of gilding?

In the process of gilding, it is easy to cause hot and white hair and a little bit. What are the reasons for the unsatisfactory effect? Do you know the customer friends? The following is explained by the staff of the gilding paper manufacturer, I hope to have something for you. help.

1. The viscosity of the bronzing paste itself is too low, or the padding of the hot stamping paste is not thick enough to cause less stickiness than the layer of the bronzing paper foil. When using, pay attention to the fast-fixing ink printing with the viscosity meeting the requirements, pay attention to controlling the ink. The amount of anti-adhesive agent added ensures that the viscosity of the ink reaches the required level.
2, mainly the printing surface ink is not dry or printed surface UV varnish and other post-processing improper treatment, resulting in printing surface ink, UV varnish and paper surface is not firmly bonded, its adhesion can not resist the sticking of bronzing paper foil layer Pulling force and peeling force at the time of separation.
Gold foil paper
3. The pressure is insufficient or the pad is uniform during printing, so that the printing ink layer is too thick, and the ink does not penetrate into the fiber structure of the paper, and floats on the paper surface. This requires controlling the printing pressure during printing. For the letterpress printing products, the stencil is required to be flat and uniform, and the bottom is preferably made of metal material to ensure that the printing pressure is firm, uniform and sufficient.

4. When blending light-colored inks, inks with coarser pigment particles are used. The bonding strength between the inks and the binder is poor. The binder in the ink is easily absorbed by the paper surface after printing, so that the pigments are suspended in the paper. On the surface, the phenomenon of pulverization occurs, which is easy to cause the color loss. Therefore, the hot foil foil layer cannot be peeled off smoothly during hot stamping, and the ink layer on the printed product is reversed.
The above is all about the reasons for the hot blonde, if there is anything you can't understand, you can communicate with our customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly.