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How do thermosetting inks do hot stamping?

Hot-set ink bronzing can be hot without adding hot-melt powder. The volatilization amount is very small at normal temperature. When heated to a certain temperature, the cross-linking reaction occurs and solidifies, so it will not dry at room temperature, no netting, no washing after work. It can be printed with 350 mesh, and the network cable can reach more than 80 lines---the pattern is fine. When printing the dot, it can be wet and wet continuous printing, which can improve work efficiency.
Heat-fixing gold paste heat treatment:
       It must be heat treated during use. When heated, the resin absorbs the surrounding plasticizer and glues it into a film. The glue starts at 80-120 °C, called semi-drying or flashing, in order to avoid sticking. It is completely dried at the temperature of 140 °C to 160 °C. Only when it is fully baked, the ink can be completely dried and solidified!
Hot-fixing gold paste application range
     Applicable to 100% 11 cotton, cotton / polyester blended, polyester, dark colored fabric, denim and other fabrics, any fabric that meets the following two points can be used.
1, can withstand 150 C
2, there is gas permeability, the ink can penetrate into it. Unsuitable substrates such as plastic, metal, glass, etc.