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How do garments do stereoscopic bronzing effects?

Many people don't know how the three-dimensional bronzing effect on the clothing is made. What are the techniques of the Normant bronzing paper and your analysis?
Many customers on the market are very fond of hot stamping because they look beautiful.
The three-dimensional bronzing technology is a composite technology combining bronzing technology and concave-convex embossing technology. It is a process in which the convex graphic is made into a top and bottom, and the hot stamping embossing technology is completed at one time. This process simultaneously completes bronzing and embossing, reducing waste in the processing process and overprinting, and improving productivity and product quality.

Since the three-dimensional bronzing is a combination of bronzing and embossing technology, the effect of the product is a three-dimensional embossed pattern, which cannot be printed on it. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a process of printing and then ironing, and at the same time, due to its high precision. And high quality requirements, not suitable for cold stamping technology, but more suitable for hot stamping technology

Stereo stamping technology and features

The three-dimensional bronzing technology is quite different from ordinary bronzing. In addition to the three-dimensional pattern that can be formed into a relief shape, there are differences in plate making, temperature control and pressure control.