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What do you need to know about the hot stamping paper for the non-plate stamping machine?

First, we must understand what is the operation process of the non-plate stamping machine. Compared with the traditional hot stamping machine, the non-plate stamping machine mainly eliminates the process of plate making. The traditional hot stamping machine needs to make the hot stamping content into a template in advance. Then you can hot stamp, the disadvantages are obvious, time-consuming and labor-intensive. The non-plate stamping machine breaks through this limitation. As long as the version is ready in advance on the computer, then the hot stamping machine can be connected to the computer to be hot stamped. The efficiency is high, and the demand for personalized hot stamping can be achieved. The text pattern, that is, the row is both easy to play.

Second, the non-plate hot stamping machine is a bronzing machine that does not require plate making. The operation should be operated by a computer! The typesetting is computer typesetting.

Third, no version of the hot stamping machine, what kind of Hot stamping paper is needed, you can use Normant digital non-plate special hot stamping paper, the price is about the same quality as Germany and Japan.