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A big summary of the hot stamping technology that cannot be missed

The application of bronzing technology can not only improve the anti-counterfeiting effect, but also make it look more high-end. There are many bronzing technologies: cold bronzing, round bronzing, flat bronzing and other technologies. According to the processing method of self-adhesive labels, the hot stamping method is divided into single sheet bronzing and web bronzing. Single sheet bronzing is processed on a special hot stamping machine like the traditional bronzing technology. The web bronzing is completed on the label linkage and is the most widely used processing method. Now, there are several ways to foil the sheet data:

1. Cold stamping on the rotary machine

This is a new bronzing technology. Instead of using a heated metal plate, it uses a printing adhesive to carry the metal foil and finish the bronzing. The technical process is: firstly print UV pressure-sensitive adhesive in the direction of printing demand, and dry the adhesive through UV drying equipment, then use special metal foil to composite with pressure sensitive adhesive, then peel off the metal foil, so the metal Some of the required transfer on the foil was transferred to the exterior of the printed product, and the cold bronzing was completed. Cold bronzing technology is low in cost, saves energy, has high production power, can use existing equipment components, and does not need to add additional equipment. It is a promising new technology.

2, the round press on the rotary machine

The bronzing plate used for round pressing and bronzing is a roller-shaped plate. When bronzing, it is in contact with the impression cylinder, and the bronzing is completed. Round pressing and bronzing is suitable for use on the wheel transfer labeling machine of the continuous paper feeding, but there is a certain request for the paper feeding speed, that is, it has an influence on the printing speed. However, compared with the flat pressing and ironing, the power is greatly improved. The round-pressed hot stamping roller has a high cost, so it is only suitable for long-running hot stamping.

3, the flat pressure flat stamping on the label machine

The letterpress label printer is a flat flattening type of equipment, because the web is intermittently fed, so the hot stamping method uses the flat flat method. Usually, the bronzing station is an independent unit, and some models are gilded to share one unit with die-cutting and are used separately.

4, multi-station flat pressing bronzing

Some models have a two-station bronzing unit, such as Japan's Shiki's SMHC-45-MWL labeling machine, one unit close to the plate, the end of the horizontal bronzing, the other unit is a separate unit, the end of the vertical bronzing. This model can be used for two-color hot stamping.

5, processing machine flat pressing bronzing

The processing machine is designed for processing printed roll labels and labels that do not need to be printed. Bronzing is a function of the processing machine, and the bronzing equipment on the processing machine is used in the flat pressing method, and the working principle is the same as the above labeling machine.

The application of bronzing technology makes anti-counterfeiting labels more high-end