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Do you know what to pay attention to in the 4-point bronzing process?

Normant bronzing paper shares the following four points. The reasons for the unsatisfactory bronzing effect are as follows. The quality of bronzing is affected by many factors, especially since bronzing is carried out after printing, and its printing effect, ink layer thickness, ink The nature and so on will directly affect the hot stamping effect. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following issues:
1) hot stamping should be done after the ink has dried out. If the ink layer is not dry yet, the hot stamping is started. Since the ink is not firmly adhered, the failure of the deinking layer is liable to occur, so that the hot stamping is not possible.

2) If hot stamping on the background color, the underlying ink layer should not be too thick or too thick, try to achieve deep ink thin printing, avoid 3 color, 4 color overprinting, so as to avoid the ink layer is too thick, the ink adhesion is not strong enough, resulting in Hot stamping is not strong, buzzing, and even pulling off the ink layer and other undesirable phenomena. In addition, when hot stamping the ground color, the hot stamping temperature should be appropriately reduced, so that the hot stamping effect is ideal.

3) If hot stamping is applied on the spot color in the field, it is necessary to control the amount of ink additive added when printing the spot color. For example, if the amount of desiccant is too large, the ink layer will be crystallized, resulting in hot stamping of the foil. In addition, printing When possible, avoid mixing non-drying oils such as engine oil, kerosene, slow-drying agent and corn flour to avoid hot stamping. If the hot stamping is not caused by the addition of ink auxiliaries, the surface of the printed matter can be wiped with anhydrous alcohol to destroy the oil layer or wax, so as to enhance the adhesion ability of the gilding paper and improve the hot stamping effect.

4) If hot stamping on glazed, coated prints, be sure to select the appropriate bronzing paper model.