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How to deal with discoloration and discoloration on black paper?

Bronzing on black paper is prone to bronzing and discoloration. The problem of discoloration will not be expressed in the hot stamping process. It will usually be reflected after the customer has used it for a period of time. It is a big problem in the industry. In order to avoid such problems, the following methods are generally adopted in the industry:

There are two ways below

The first type: the isolation method, the film treatment. A film is placed on the surface of the black cardboard to separate the black cardboard from the hot foil on it. The method is stable, but this method covers a black cardboard surface with a film, which changes the surface texture of the black cardboard, and cannot meet the artistic requirements of some customers for the texture effect of the product.

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The second type: isolation method, on the UV base oil. In the position where the black cardboard needs to be bronted, a layer of UV primer is printed to isolate the black cardboard and the hot foil on it. Because the UV base oil is a very thin layer of oil, its effect is limited. The method can achieve certain effects, but the cost is high. The cost of the last UV primer is 3000-4000 yuan, which is unacceptable to many customers;

Technical realization elements In the prior art, the method for dealing with the black card paper bronzing problem of color change may either change the original texture of the black cardboard or the cost is too high, and the present invention provides a black card paper for solving such problems. The problem of hot stamping is easy to change color, while maintaining the original texture of the black cardboard, and there is no cost increase in the black cardboard hot stamping method.

It is realized by the following technical scheme: a black cardboard hot stamping method, which does not pre-coat the black cardboard or print the UV base oil in the black cardboard pre-gold stamping position, and directly bronzing the surface of the black cardboard substrate, and its characteristics The black cardboard is prepared from a toner having no carbon component. Since the color component of the black cardboard currently used for bronzing contains a large amount of carbon elements, an in-depth study on the problem of discoloration of bronzing found that carbon and aluminum are extremely easy to exist in an environment in which electrolytes, moisture, and salt are present. An oxidation reaction occurs, and the reaction changes the original composition of the anodized aluminum, causing problems such as discoloration, blackening, and discoloration of the bronzing. In the production process of the black cardboard, the invention pays attention to the use of the colorless material to produce the black card paper surface layer without carbon, and finally realizes that the hot stamping material does not contain carbon, and directly inhibits the oxidation reaction between carbon and aluminum. .