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Printing bronzing paper bronzing is prone to the following 10 problems

1 What should I do if there is a phenomenon of flying gold in the thin line of hot stamping?
(1) cold ironing, oblique tearing.
(2) Select a hot stamping paper with a peeling layer.
(3) The temperature should not be too high, and the low temperature will be better.
(4) The pressure should not be too heavy.
2 What should I do if it is discolored, darkened or blue?
(1) Should pay attention to control the hot stamping temperature, if the temperature is too high, it is easy to produce fog, paste, poor brightness and blistering.
(2) Select the pressure and time of hot stamping. The pressure and time of each heat press machine are different and flexible.
3How to do the hot stamping effect is not good?
It is related to the composition of the bronzing paste and the thickness of the hot-melt powder. The finer the hot-melt powder particles, the better the flatness. When printing, the bronzing paste is too dry and not smooth, so it is necessary to grasp the dryness.
4 How to do it is not resistant to washing and easy to fall off?
the reason:
(1) Is the gilding paper used wrongly?
(2) Hot stamping paper does not match hot stamping paste
(3) Temperature or pressure has not been reached
(1) Replace the hot stamping paper
(2) Replace the bronzing paper or bronzing paste
(3) Adjust temperature and pressure
5 What if there is a blank spot or a trachoma when it is hot?
(1) Uneven pressure, padding; increase pressure or adjust temperature.
(2) The bronzing paste is not brushed and the printing process is adjusted.
(3) The bronzing paste is too dry, the printing times are not enough; the bronzing paste is not thick enough.
6 How to achieve good washing performance, good gloss and smoothness?
Operate in the correct way, master the temperature, pressure, time, choose high-quality bronzing paste and hot stamping paper.
7 hot stamping paper folding
(1) The paper is not tiled.
(2) Excessive pressure and proper adjustment.
8 flat iron is not evenly distributed (some areas are peeled off well, some areas are not completely peeled off)
(1) The bottom of the heat press machine is not flat, and the bottom surface is flat.
(2) The pressure is not uniform, and the pressure is adjusted appropriately (lighter or heavier).
(3) The bronzing paste is not brushed well, and the hot stamping time is not well mastered.
9 What should I do if I am not resistant to washing?
(1) Check the selection of bronzing paper or bronzing paste, and measure the washing fastness 24 hours after the plate is printed. The bronzing paste is not dry and hot, and the bronzing paste must be dry.
(2) Choose high quality bronzing paper.
10 which slurry also has the function of bronzing paste
Flocking pulp, silk screen glue, thermosetting paste, thermosetting ink, hot melt, etc.