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What is the application of bronzing paper in label printing?

First of all, the hot stamping process is divided into cold and hot. The principle of cold-hot is mainly to use the pressure and special glue to combine the electrochemical aluminum with the substrate. The whole process does not need heating, and there is no need for hot stamping and padding technology. At the same time, the narrow-width rotary machine is relatively expensive and complicated to operate. Economically convenient. Its maximum hot stamping speed can reach 120 meters per minute. However, the cold-hot process started relatively late, and the consumption of electrochemical aluminum in the hot stamping process was large. After ironing, the gloss of the electro-aluminized aluminum was not as good as that of blanching, and the conditions such as the concave hot effect could not be achieved. Therefore, the scale has not yet formed in China. application. From the perspective of future development trends, this is a technology that has great potential and is worth developing.
Secondly, the bronzing process has been greatly developed in recent years in the application of labels. In particular, laser and holographic anodized aluminum, through the transfer effect of blanching, make the label products beautiful and difficult to counterfeit. For the special nature of label anti-counterfeiting, the electrochemical aluminum usually uses a thin PET film and a glue layer to facilitate the transfer, thereby achieving the purpose of high-volume, high-speed production. Compared with the cigarette packet printing process, the printing efficiency is higher than that of the former because there is less trouble with the combination of galvanic oil and ink in label printing. In addition, there is a topic that cannot be ignored. In the hot stamping of laser and holographic anodized aluminum, in addition to the surface being clean and smooth, there is also a mirror polishing treatment, so that the anodized aluminum is not matte and distorted after transfer. Therefore, the label product is smooth and shiny, and plays a role in protecting the brand and improving the product grade.

With the development of cold stamping technology, more and more label printing manufacturers have expanded their efforts as technology development and application fields, as well as their peers in the industry.