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Overview of non-plate stamping and environmental protection concepts

As part of post-press processing, anodized aluminum stamping has changed dramatically in recent years. The process that can be used on the packaging of a product can be said to be very much, similar to printing, glue, bronzing, embossing, embossing, UV, matte, freezing point, flocking, die cutting, car line, etc. Each craft has its own production details. With the continuous emergence of new technologies, new processes and a variety of technologies, the printed printed matter has achieved good results in gloss, three-dimensional, metallic and anti-counterfeiting properties after hot stamping. And we follow the development of the times, and now we are increasingly promoting the concept of green environmental protection. At present, there is a popular international paper packaging called green packaging. This paper bag is a new environmental protection concept paper bag, because the main component of the paper bag is natural plant fiber. It is easily decomposed by soil microorganisms and can be quickly re-added to the natural circulation. Therefore, this material that can be recycled can be called a green packaging material. Now we are strongly promoting green and environmentally friendly hot stamping paper, and we use non-plate hot stamping paper, digital printing and automatic hot stamping machine. The advantage of paper gilding paper is that the outer packaging of hot stamping is bright, durable and resistant to high temperature, and the color is guaranteed to be unchanged for several years with the cultural characteristics of the product and green. Therefore, we make as little as possible to make plates, reduce pollution, and make contributions to sustainable development.

Non-plate bronzing processing hot stamping does not require plate making, reducing pollution and environmental protection. Non-plate stamping is computer typesetting, which is digital bronzing. This bronzing technology does not require the production of zinc plate. It is typeset on the computer, and the designated position of the gold foil is heated by computer numerical control equipment, and the hot stamping is printed on the substrate. The non-plate hot stamping machine is more convenient, saves the plate making fee, and is ready to print, convenient, fast and practical. However, because the heat of the machine is different from the traditional bronzing, even the gold foil is different, and the corresponding bronzing paper is needed.