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How to check the quality of anodized aluminum

1) Fastness and tightness of anodized aluminum
        In general, the fastness and tightness of the anodized aluminum can be checked by hand rubbing or by using a scotch tape paper to test the surface of the electrochemical aluminum. If the electrochemical aluminum is not easy to fall off, it indicates that the fastness and tightness are better, and it is more suitable for hot printing of small text patterns. It is not easy to paste when hot stamping; if it is lightly rubbed, the aluminum will fall off, indicating that the tightness is poor, only It can be used for hot stamping with thin text.
(2) The color, brightness and trachoma of anodized aluminum
        Under normal circumstances, check the color, brightness and trachoma of the anodized aluminum, mainly by visual inspection and hand touch. For example, the quality of the anodized aluminum is uniform in color, no trachoma, and smooth after hot stamping; while the poor quality of the anodized aluminum has uneven color and trachoma.
(3) Storage of anodized aluminum
        In order to extend the service life of the electrochemical aluminum, it should be stored in a ventilated and dry place, and can not be mixed with acid, alkali, alcohol and other substances, and should be protected against high temperature, sun, and moisture. In addition, in general, the lower the break of the electrochemical aluminum, the better.