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Leather embossed plate hot stamping special gold foil paper

The leather embossing plate special gilding paper (coffee bottom gilding paper) has the characteristics of bright gloss, clear hot stamping lines and strong adhesion, and is widely used in color printing packaging, jewelry boxes, gift boxes, leather goods and leather shoes manufacturing.

Scope of application: Mainly used in leather, PU, PVC surface, paper and leather surface, especially for filled paper, heavy ink paper, flannel, satin cloth, PU, PVC, etc., have a good hot stamping effect.

Main features: Even the leather, hot stamping fine pattern is very clear, suitable for fine or solid area hot stamping, as well as bump hot stamping pattern, good high temperature performance

Applications: Shoe polish, shoe factory, leather bag, backpack, hand strap, luggage surface, jewelry box, book cover, etc.