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Bronzing paper electrochemical aluminum

=1CM width 120 meters long (1 volume)
The hot stamping paper is one roll and one roll. The total length of one roll is 12000CM (120 meters). The width of a large roll is 64CM. It can be zero cut. (1CM wide and 12000CM long) is a roll of 6 yuan. The price of the page is 1CM. For a wide price, the customer can determine how wide the bronzing paper should be based on the width of the mold (normally, the bronzing paper is 1 cm wider than the mold), and then decide how many pieces to shoot, and what color to remark!
The most common colors for gold foil paper are: gold, silver, red, black
Because of the use of the product and the precautions we have recorded the video, please watch it on the top, I will not say more about the text, here are some simple additions and a few pictures:
The following is a partial bronzing and branding effect map, there are too many molds, there is no time to take pictures, here are a few to give customers a reference: