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Cosmetic bronzing paper manufacturers

Shenzhen hot stamping paper wholesale price, supply Shenzhen zipper bronzing paper factory wholesale, Guangdong Dongguan cosmetics bronzing paper factory direct sales, Dongguan auto foil bronzing paper factory wholesale), is a company with more than 10 years of hot stamping paper and hot stamping peripheral equipment sales experience, professional Operating Hot stamping paper. We are able to provide a full range of services and solutions in response to the needs of different customers. Products include brushed gold foil paper, automotive chrome platinum, laser paper, wood grain paper, mirror paper, leather foil paper, color foil gold foil paper. Related materials are hot stamping machine, hot stamping double-sided high temperature adhesive paper water, silicone wheel, silica gel board, high temperature adhesive tape, glue, glitter powder. Main brands and distribution brands of bronzing paper: Toray TORAY, KURZ, TOYO, REIKO, CFC, CROWN, KATANI, NAKAI, Japan Oike, UK Imported from Australia Milford Astor, South Korea KOLON, Taiwan Guangqun K.LASER (Electrified Aluminum). The effect has the characteristics of bright color, long-lasting, wear-resistant and high temperature resistance. Our company: With the excellent quality and professional service, we have won the trust and support of our customers. In order to enhance the competitiveness of our products, the company gives full play to the role of traders' flexibility and the diversification of materials. We will continue to introduce advanced foreign technology and materials to provide customers with multi-faceted services to create a win-win situation.