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Factory direct plastic gold and silver bronzing paper, electrochemical aluminum, stable quality, superior price, reasonable price

Gold foil paper is commonly known as anodized aluminum in the north of China. It is composed of a polyester film (PET) and a multilayer chemical coating applied on its surface. Polyester films are typically 12 microns thick, with some coatings acting to create a decorative effect, while others are used to control the performance of the bronzing paper, and different coatings are suitable for different substrates. The role of the aluminum layer is to produce a reflective effect, which is formed by the aluminum wire being condensed onto the bronzing paper under ultra-low vacuum conditions after being sublimed by high temperature. China Gift City-Cangnan County, Wenzhou City, is a professional manufacturer and seller of products such as anodized aluminum, hot stamping paper and laser paper. The factory introduces advanced equipment, innovative management methods, builds brand characteristics, advocates dedication and dedication, and takes "integrity management, cooperation and win-win" as the spirit of the enterprise. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our factory, guide and negotiate business.