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Is the gold foil paper the same as the lettering film?

Many people can't tell the difference between hot stamping paper and lettering film. They always think that they are the same kind of products. The following hot stamping paper manufacturers will introduce the difference between them.
First, the process is different
      The lettering film is a coating process with no glue edges.
      hot stamping paper clothing hot cloth can be screen printed primer.

Second, the specifications are different
      Lettering film standing specifications: 50CM * 25M / volume, a roll from the sale, specifications can be customized, can be divided into slices, rolls and so on.
      Hot stamping paper fixed specifications: 64CM*120M size customers can order

Third, the color is different
      The lettering film (except for the color spray film) is mostly a spot color, and a plurality of colors can only be colored or stacked.

Fourth, the production cycle is different
      The lettering film is a standing stock product, which can be shipped the same day, can be DIY freely, easy to operate, no plate making, 10 minutes stand.
      Bronzing paper should be screen printed, and the production cycle of the stencil is generally longer.