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How can it be easy to burn gold paper on UV oil?

On the material of the UV oil, there is no way to do the bronzing process. Generally, the glazing effect is good after the gilding, because the back of the gold film layer is sticky and the paper is firmly attached, and the front surface is well adhered to the UV film. If the process can only be glazed after glazing, such as a flexo machine, a self-adhesive machine, it should be treated with corona after the UV oil, then bronzing, otherwise it is easy to appear gold film peeling phenomenon

Empty the part to be gilded, or even suggest to apply UV oil after hot stamping. UV oil is not suitable for high temperatures.

hot stamping: "hot stamping". A printing decoration process. The metal plate is heated, foiled, and gold text or pattern is embossed on the print. Play a finishing touch, highlight the role of the design theme, especially for trademarks, registration names, the effect is more significant.

UV: The surface of the printed matter is covered with UV-curable varnish, which can dry the product in an instant, improve the surface hardness of the product, and greatly shorten the coating process time.