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How to achieve double-sided bronzing process for garment hot drilling

How to achieve double-sided bronzing process for garment hot drilling is also called acrylic bronzing paper, which is specifically resistant to friction and alcohol. At present, the hot drilling on the market is the use of the opposite side of the hot stamping paper, the color is bright, is a little embellishment on the clothing, mobile phone, etc.! In addition, the reverse silver gilding paper, according to the needs of customers, there is also equipped with a hot drilling machine, continuous automatic hot stamping machine. The reverse silver gilding paper has a double-sided effect, and the hot side looks positive. That is to take advantage of this, get the majority of customers love! For example, Norman Technology Co., Ltd. (Kaiyuan hot stamping) has a variety of colors. Gold and silver are the most common colors. Now there are leopard prints, tiger prints, stripes, etc., to create another fashion to adapt to this colorful world.

Hot stamping substrate

ABS, PC, PMMA (acrylic), PS, PVC and various transparent plastics
Gold foil paper specifications

16 μm (thickness) × 64 cm (width) × 120 m (length) (standard volume), 23 μm × 64 cm × 120 m
Using parameters

1, hot stamping time is 0.5-1 seconds

2, hot stamping pressure above 5KG

3, hot stamping temperature (hot) is 180-220 °C, 150-180 ° C (silicone version)
Storage condition

1, temperature 5 ° C -20 ° C

2, vertical placement

3, humidity 30-70%

4, avoid direct sunlight
Hot stamping tips

1, such as a large area of hot stamping, the best effect of hot.

2. The above related technical parameters are different due to different operating environments. Customers must use the test to confirm the use before they can be used in large quantities.