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What is the type of German Kurz gilding paper?

German Kurz gold foil gold and silver foil classification:

1. paper foil. The main production 16050, LK and other models.

2. plastic foil. There are mainly SLM17300/AL (bright silver), SLM27151/AL, SLM22449 (ADB) and other models.

3. Foil for cosmetics. For different hot stamping materials, KURZ offers a wide range of product options, the main models are 18696, SHC90, KLX, SFX, 24596, 22820 and so on.

4. Fabric foil. KURZ fabric foils are unanimously recognized by customers. The main models are TX-N, TX-P and other series.

KURZ gold foil gold and silver foil main features:

- Whether it is made of silicone or metal, it has excellent display effect;

- high brightness;

- High resistance to physical and chemical properties;

- good tape test performance;

- High abrasion resistance and scratch resistance.

KURZ Kurz gold foil gold and silver foil main application areas:

1. Paper foil bronzing paper. Mainly used in greeting cards, advertising, paperback books, tobacco and alcohol packaging and cosmetic packaging.

2. Plastic foil. Mainly used in signage, home appliance decorative strips, speaker ring, edge banding, etc.

3. Cosmetic gold foil paper. Mainly used in lipstick tubes, mascara bottles, powder boxes, pencils, etc.

4. Fabric foil. Mainly used in all kinds of textile and clothing, T-shirts, shirts, fabrics and handbags.