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How is the quality of laser gilding paper assessed?

How do we judge the quality of laser bronzing paper? What is its quality assessment standard? Let's take a look.
      1. Classification There are two types of transfer hot stamping laser film and laser composite film. The laser composite film is divided into PET and OPP.
      2. Technical requirements: Appearance
     (1), surface points and other appearance requirements are detailed in the following table.
     (2) It is not allowed to have obvious defects such as flowering, shadow, fog, chromatic aberration, etc.
     (3) The end face trimming is neat, and the defects such as aluminum chips (media scraps) and notches caused by the falling off of the transfer layer are not allowed.
     (4) The surface plating is uniform, and it is not allowed to deal with aluminum (media), white spots, plating lines, and plating points. The transfer film coating should be rolled up on the inner layer.
     3. Technical requirements: intrinsic quality
    (1) The holographic effect is complete, clear and bright, uniform, and rich in color change. The holographic effect in the same batch of products is basically the same.
    (2) The direction of the horizontal beam is perpendicular to the direction in which the film is unwound, and the vertical column is not inclined parallel to the unwinding direction of the film. The laser pattern is in the same direction
    (3) The position of the light column in each edition should be uniform, and no change is allowed.
    (4) The surface is not allowed to have obvious imposition seams.
    (5), the surface of the non-stitch transfer film is the same as above, there should be no interference fringes, black areas, traces of wrapping tape, dealumination caused by transfer layer cracking, film wrinkles and other defects.