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Red glass broken hot stamping paper Laminator heat transfer hot stamping glue pen DIY creative bronzing

A4 gold foil paper, gold, silver, red, laser gold rainbow, laser red glass broken, red square, green, blue, black, brown, all goods, retail and wholesale.

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This type of hot stamping paper is mainly used for bronzing of plastic laminating machine, and can also be bronzing with Wuzhu glue pen.

Main use: Mainly used for invitations, business cards, desk calendars, certificates, etc. It is suitable for typing and copying shops with a small amount of bronzing.

How to use the laminator:

First, typesetting, and the color of the documents that need to be bronzing parts is black (the effect is better when bronzing).
Second, after typesetting, print it out with a laser printer (must be printed with a laser machine)
Third, open the laminator: the temperature is adjusted to: about 160 degrees (different laminator performance needs to be adjusted)
Note: If the temperature is too high or too low, the plastic sealing effect is not good, and it must be adjusted to the proper temperature. The effect of the hot pressing is the best. If the temperature is too high, it will stick a little bit of gold powder around the bronzing; if the temperature is too low, black spots will appear.
Fourth, cover the cut hot stamping paper in the parts that need hot stamping, and then over-mold again, after you come out, you can peel off the Hot stamping paper above, so that the hot stamping is completed.

How to use the glue pen: