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Furniture packaging plastic double-sided gold foil paper

At present, there are more single-sided bronzing papers on the market, and double-sided bronzing is hot stamping on both sides.

Scope of application:
Widely used in cigarette packets, greeting cards, hand bags, wine boxes, cosmetics and health care packaging boxes, cosmetic bottle caps, wine bottle caps, leather, fabrics, UV hoses, wood, household appliances, gussets, and passbooks, Certificate, pencil, calendar, couplet, written, label. Household appliances panels, windows, telephone buttons and furniture, wood, decorative strips.
Applicable substrate:
Paper ink surface, UV varnish, glue/OPP film, tipping paper, hard plastic (ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC, PET, TPU), PE hose, glass, metal, wood, cloth, leather Filled with skin.
Gold, silver, light gold, matt gold, matt silver, black, red, green, blue, brown, bronze, gray, white, pearl, transparent and various colors of color foil, etc. have more than 300 different colors. You can also order the color specified by the customer.
Storage method:
Normal temperature, dry, ventilated place, vertical placement, no deterioration within two years.
hot stamping conditions:
1, using manual hot stamping machine and semi-automatic hot stamping machine, hot stamping temperature is 90~110 °C
2, using automatic hot stamping machine, hot stamping temperature 90~120 °C
3. Suitable for copper and zinc plates
It has good trimming property and is suitable for hot stamping of various sizes and different areas. The adhesion is excellent. On the automatic hot stamping machine, the high speed can reach 6000 sheets/hour, and the tightness and adhesion of the product can be adjusted according to different requirements of customers.
According to different client types, different lengths of products can be provided, such as: semi-automatic hot stamping machine, 120m, 240m, 360m length specifications; high-speed hot stamping machines such as: Bobst, Geitz, Steuer, Yahua, Hengchang, etc. 1200m 2500m length specification; 2500m, 5000m length specifications for tipping paper.
Environmental protection guarantee:
Passed the authority to test the environmental protection certificate (such as ROHS, EN71, REACH 38, phthalate 16P, ASTM-963-08, 91-338-EEC)