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Wine bottle water transfer hot stamping paper

Low-temperature water transfer hot stamping paper can replace the pure gold gold paste used in the traditional process, reducing costs for customers and saving resources for the country, simplifying complex processes.

Main features: good ironing performance, clear peeling, no foil. Water transfer hot stamping paper has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, no cracking, no foaming. And it is suitable for matching with a variety of bronzing base oils, and it can resist alcohol without using hot stamping varnish. The substrate can be sprayed on different low temperature glass at the same time, and baked at a low temperature of 80-200 degrees, which has excellent adhesion. It is resistant to alcohol and various corrosive solvents and does not change color for a few hours without falling off. At the same time, the water resistance test for 72 hours does not affect the adhesion of the bronzing paper.

Scope of application: applied to ceramic, glass, spray paint bottle embossed gold water transfer paper and wine labels.