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Wrapping paper bronzing paper

Choosing hot stamping paper must be done in conjunction with the hot stamping substrate. Understanding the substrate is the premise and basis for selecting bronzing materials, and it is also the key to determining the success of hot stamping.

Can be used for: white cardboard, coated paper, coated paper, coated paper, over-oil paper, over-ink paper, high-grade cigarette case, wine box, paper box, gift box, desk calendar, self-adhesive trademark, hand Bags, gift bags, greeting cards, invitations, etc.

Plain paper gilding paper contains general and special editions, hollowed out and transparent. The special edition can protect the exclusive right of the customer's products to prevent counterfeiting and infringement, such as positioning hot stamping and full-page hot stamping. Our company has more than forty kinds of colorful plain paper gilding paper patterns and various colors for customers to choose.