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Double-sided green gold foil paper

Model: Green
Specification: 0.64*120M
Features: water transfer tattoo sticker
Scope of application: Because it has been tested by many international and domestic testing organizations, it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly for cosmetics. The product itself has a metal-like high-gloss luster, imitation of metallic color, strong decorative effect, elegant and generous, strong adhesion for hot, flat, good slitting, no burrs. It is resistant to AB rubber erosion, no fracture, and strong toughness.

● Double-sided hot stamping paper is safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic;
●High scratch resistance, high resistance to tattoo A, B glue, high corrosion resistance, strong adhesion;
● Perfectly bright surface, beautify the surface decoration of the sticker.
[Scope of application]
●Applicable to water transfer tattoo stickers TATTOO products.
The above performance data is typical data measured in a wheat field at a temperature of 25 ° C and a humidity of 70%. It is only for reference when used by customers.
It is not guaranteed to be all data that can be achieved in a particular environment. Please use the test data when you use it.
● Clean the surface: clean the surface of the object to be burned, and remove dust and oil.
● Pull the bronzing foil flat and evenly on the bronzing machine. Note that the surface of the foil is not wrinkled.
● You must choose the appropriate hot stamping foil according to the different types of hot stamping. When stamping, you must master the three-way matching of temperature, pressure and hot stamping speed, and it is different according to the hot stamping material and hot stamping area.
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[Note for use]
When the bronzing machine heats up to the normal temperature value, the bronzing paper is still not hot.
There are two reasons for it:
1, hot foil does not apply to the substrate
2, hot stamping temperature is not enough, you can heat up the test again, such as hot after the blue light, the hot stamping temperature is too high, can be properly cooled and then hot.
[Storage and Packaging]
1, temperature 1, temperature: 5 ° C - 20 ° C
2, humidity 2, humidity 30-70%
3, vertical placement
4. Avoid direct sunlight.
[after sales service]
Our bronzing paper has problems during your use. Please feel free to call the service hotline and our engineers will solve the problem immediately.