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Teach you how to choose the right gilding paper?

Norman Technology Co., Ltd. teaches you how to choose the right gilding paper. Generally speaking, the brightness of gilding paper is higher than that of powder foil. The brightness of gilded chrome is higher than that of gilding paper. The thickness of gilded paper with higher thickness is better than that of gilt paper with low thickness. . In short, bronzing is a common printing process, but it is not easy to make hot stamping, especially in the selection of hot stamping paper.

In the hot stamping of products, the choice of Hot stamping paper is crucial. The following are some aspects that Shenzhen Normante Technology Co., Ltd. choose to pay attention to:

1. First understand the substrate of the product. The substrate that needs hot stamping determines the series of hot stamping papers. Commonly used plastic substrates that require bronzing are: ABS, PP, PE, PVC (soft, hard), PC, PS, PU, TPR, TPU, steel, nylon, bakelite, etc. Coated paper, plain paper, coated paper, etc.), wood (whether painted or wood), leather, clothing printing, etc.

2. The size of the bronzing area. Mainly because the bronzing paper release layer is different in tension, so the size of the bronzing area is also very important for the selection of bronzing paper. Generally, bronzing paper can be divided into fine bronzing, small and medium-sized color blocks, large-area color blocks, and full-area hot stamping. Wait.

3. Use the hot stamping method and the difference in using the hot stamping. Flat hot, hot; according to the use of hot plate, there are metal plate, rubber version.

4. Different hot stamping speeds. Whether to use automatic high-speed machine (the high-speed machine here is not commonly referred to as pneumatic automatic, pneumatic automatic is actually a semi-automatic machine), semi-automatic machine, manual machine, etc.

5. Hot stamping requirements. Do you need to print again after stamping (including machine printing, fuel injection, etc.).

6. The products used indoors are also products used outdoors. Hot-selling products such as cosmetics for indoor use are also highly demanding.

7. Choice of brightness and color.