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Acrylic drill hot stamping paper

1. The hot stamping time is 0.5-1 seconds. 1. Temperature 5 °C-20 °C. 1. hot stamping paper is not suitable for hot stamping the substrate.
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Acrylic drilled gold foil paper (anti-bottom silver, double-sided silver) is one of many Hot stamping papers used for bronzing of transparent acrylic drills. After the bronzing, the acrylic drill has the same luster of diamonds. It is commonly used as an embellishment on jewelry and clothing to fully express the noble, generous and fashionable beauty. In terms of color, gold and silver are the most commonly used colors, as well as various patterns such as leopard, zebra, checkered and so on. Nomant (Kaiyuan Hot Stamping) is one of the most professional suppliers of hot stamping paper (aluminized aluminum) in China. Its acrylic drilling hot stamping paper series is of high quality, affordable and quite cost-effective.


Acrylic drill, various transparent plastics, etc.


12 μm (thickness) × 64 cm (width) × 120 m (length) (standard volume), 16 μm × 64 cm × 120 m.


1. The hot stamping time is 0.5-1 seconds.

2. The hot stamping pressure is 5kg/cm2 (hot).

3, hot stamping temperature (silicone wheel) is 180C ° -220C °.

Note: The relevant technical parameters vary depending on the operating environment. They must be tested before they can be used in large quantities.

Storage condition

1. Temperature 5 °C-20 °C.

2, vertical placement.

3. Humidity 30-70%.

4. Avoid direct sunlight.

Hot stamping tips

When the bronzing machine heats up to the normal temperature value, the bronzing paper is still not hot or peeled off for two reasons:

1. Hot stamping paper is not suitable for hot stamping the substrate.

2, hot stamping temperature is not enough, you can heat up the test again, such as hot after the blue light, the hot stamping temperature is too high, can be properly cooled and then hot.