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Cold-baked gold paste, good bronzing effect, good hand feeling, high fastness, no sticky hand, easy to operate, environmentally friendly

[Cold-baked gold paste - applicability]
The gold foil printing and transfer effect is suitable for manual printing such as cotton cloth, T/C cloth and knitted cloth.
[Cold-baked gold paste - product characteristics]
This product is environmentally friendly;
Good hand feeling, high fastness, no sticky hands, easy to operate.
[Cold-baked gold paste - physical property index]
Appearance: H225 is light yellow viscous
PH value: 7~8
[Cold-baked gold paste - printing process]
2 times of printing and 2 times of knives → 7% of dry → cover hot stamping paper → use cold pressing (roller or stencil) → peel off the gold foil after pressing → after completely drying, wash water at 40~50 °C for 2 hours.
[Cold-baked gold paste - note]
Natural drying time is related to temperature and air humidity.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry, and ventilated place.
After use, the inner bag should be re-solidified to prevent skin from being exposed to the skin.
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