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What to do if hot stamping or hot stamping is not true

This is related to various factors such as the surface characteristics of the print, the nature of the anodized aluminum, the hot stamping temperature and the pressure.

1 The surface of the printed matter is too dusty or the surface contains additives such as detacking agent and brightening paste, which will hinder the adsorption of the electrochemical aluminum and the paper.
Solution: Surface de-powder treatment or solution in the printing process.

2 improper use of electrochemical aluminum directly affects the bronzing fastness.
According to the size of the bronzing area, the type of the electroplated material should be considered comprehensively. The domestically produced anodized aluminum is mainly the Peacock brand series produced by Shanghai Shenyong hot stamping Material Co., Ltd. The imported electro-aluminized aluminum is mainly the PM and LK series of KURZ, the A, K and H series of Japan, and the SP series of KOLON of South Korea. .

According to our practice and testing, the electrification of aluminum can mainly refer to the following classification:
●The bronzing (general ink color) on common products has an 88-l type and a KURZ type PM;
● Bronze, cosmetics and other thick ink prints (including gold, silver) gilded anodized aluminum type 88-2;
●The mark of hot stamping, such as cigarette labels and cosmetic packaging, has 88-3, 88-4, PM288, etc.
●Applicable to OPP or PET-clad paper and paper-based and glazed paper with UV ink. There are 88-4 type, K series, LK series and SP series.

3 The bronzing equipment and the matching between the pressing time and the hot stamping temperature are not properly grasped, which affects the hot stamping fastness and the sharpness of the graphic outline.
Due to the difference in equipment and hot stamping materials, the pressing time and hot stamping temperature are not the same. For example, the high-speed circular pressing machine is fast, the embossing line is in contact, and the hot stamping temperature is higher than the round flat or flat flat. Under normal circumstances, the round stamping temperature is between 190 ° C and 220 ° C, the round flat is about 130 ° C ~ 150 ° C, and the flat pressure is about 100 ° C ~ 120 ° C. Of course, the hot pressing time, hot stamping temperature and production efficiency are also largely restricted by the transfer performance of the electrochemical aluminum.