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Glitter bright glitter

Recently, Xiaobian often saw someone posting a kind of golden onion pulp in the forum. The requirement is that it is not easy to fade, it is not easy to drop powder, and it needs to have good brightness. It turns out that this glue is a glittering glitter. What is the magical place of this glittering bright paste?

Glitter bright paste is a green product produced by Normant printing materials manufacturers. Norman Glitter Brightening Paste is an aqueous multi-resin polymer that does not contain heavy metals. It is not easy to fade after sticking, it is not easy to drop powder, and it has the advantages of good lightness, strong adhesion, good adhesion and full transparency after drying. It can be directly printed with gold and silver powder in an appropriate ratio.

Norman Glitter Brightening Paste is suitable for printing on cotton, polyester, linen, nylon and other fabrics, and can also be used for small-face printing of silk fabrics. The gold and silver pattern printed on the fabric of this product has good metallic luster.

Norman Glitter Brightening Reference Process:
The printed pattern should be air-dried or air-dried as much as possible, and then baked at about 120 °C for about 2 minutes. In addition, in order to achieve the best fastness and brightening effect, it is necessary to press at 150 ° C for 8 seconds.