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Hot stamping paper press generally control the temperature in how much

The production of bronzing paper has initially formed a series of gold and silver series, pigment series, leather series, textile series, anti-counterfeiting series and laser series, mainly including gold, silver, gold, silver, red, orange, green and blue. Black and other colors, adapt to different fields, multi-faceted, multi-standard products. Under the premise of giving priority to domestic market consumption, domestic hot stamping paper exports and sells some products in international trade every year. At present, the proportion of low-end products in domestic hot stamping paper is large, and the supply exceeds demand. The following small series tells you how to solve the problem of finding the text and the fainting when using the hot stamping paper:

During the hot stamping process, the image was found to be imaginary and faint, and the main hot stamping temperature was too high, causing coking of paper foil and other reasons.

If the hot stamping temperature of the printing plate is too high, the bronzing paper foil can exceed the limit that can be withstood. At this time, the Hot stamping paper foil will expand to the periphery, causing halo and faintness, which must be based on the characteristics of the bronzing paper foil. Adjust the temperature to the appropriate range.

For the coking of bronzing paper, the main reason is that the hot stamping process is stopped for too long, so that a certain part of the bronzing paper foil is in contact with the electrothermal high-temperature printing plate for a long time, and the phenomenon of thermal coking occurs, and the image will be faint after hot stamping.

Therefore, in the production process, if the temperature should be reduced during the production process, or the bronzing paper foil is removed, a thick paper can be placed in front of the higher temperature plate to isolate the bronzing paper foil from the printing plate.