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How much do you know about the bronzing paper on the bottle?

Material: PET
     Thickness: 0.012 (mm)
     Size: 640 (mm)
     Scope of application: paper products, color box packaging, water stickers, transfer paper
     Norman Technology Co., Ltd. supplies bright gold, silver, laser, brushed, translucent, mirror, wood grain gilding paper. Ordinary white, black, dumb gold matte silver gilding paper, cold hot stamping film. The finish is good, the brightness is good, the separation is diverse, and the rubber type is adaptable. Suitable for high speed, medium speed, low speed bronzing, suitable for all kinds of printing, varnish surface, ABS, PS, PP, PMMA, PE and other soft and hard rubber stamping, as well as electrical panel sign stamping, hot printing process. Increase product value. Specifications: 64CM * 120M. A sample test can be provided. Prompt delivery, *, reasonable price