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Bottle hot stamping technical problem solving method

Phenomenon 1: hot stamping products, hair, exposed, and even hot stamping, Normant hot stamping paper technology is
1 reason: hot stamping temperature is low, method: increase the temperature of the heating plate;
2 reasons: hot stamping pressure, method: increase the hot stamping pressure;
3 reasons: transporting electrochemical aluminum is too loose or too tight, method: adjust the tightness of the delivery of electrochemical aluminum;
4 reasons: crystallization of the ink layer, method: the substrate should be hot stamped as soon as possible after printing, degreasing and roughening the crystallization layer of the ink layer;
5 reasons: improper use of electrochemical aluminum, method: switch to other types of electrochemical aluminum foil;
Phenomenon 2: Paste Normant bronzing paper technology combination is
1 Reason: The hot stamping temperature is too high, method: lower the temperature of the heating plate;
2 reasons: the installation of the electrochemical aluminum is slack, the method: adjusting the pressure of the pressure roller and the pulling force of the winding roller;
Phenomenon 3: The edge of hot stamping is not neat. The main point of Norman Hot stamping paper is
1 Reason: The pressure is too heavy or uneven, method: adjust the plate pressure;
2 reasons: hot stamping temperature is too high, method: reduce the temperature of the heating plate;
Phenomenon 4: Hot stamping and imprinting is missing. Normant bronzing paper solves the problem.
1 Reason: The size of the electrochemical aluminum foil is small or the cutting method: use the appropriate size of the electrochemical aluminum foil
2 reasons: part of the hot stamping method: replace the hot stamping version
3 Reasons: Pad displacement or uneven method: Correcting the cushion
Phenomenon 5: The ink layer sticks to the gold foil and pulls back. The main point of Normant hot stamping paper is
1 Reason: The printed ink layer is not dry. Method: Place the product in a ventilated and dry place, and postpone hot stamping.
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