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3 ways to teach you how to choose paper hot stamping paper

First, understand the material of the substrate Select the hot stamping paper must pay attention to match the hot stamping substrate. Understanding the substrate is the premise and basis for selecting bronzing materials, and it is also the key to determining the success of hot stamping. Commonly used substrates that require bronzing are: white cardboard, coated paper, coated paper, coated paper, over-oil paper, over-ink paper, etc.; in addition, plastic, wood, leather, clothing printing, etc. Different hot stamping materials have obvious differences in the adhesion properties and high temperature resistance of bronzing materials due to their different surface properties, which directly affects the bronzing effect. Therefore, when large quantities of hot stamping are required, the type of Hot stamping paper should be carefully selected. In addition to considering the color and price of the hot stamping paper, it is necessary to fully consider the hot stamping substrate and its surface state. Under normal circumstances, bronzing materials have clearly indicated the scope of use of the bronzing materials in the process of sales, but for large batches, you should understand the requirements for bronzing of different materials, including bronzing temperature, adhesion performance, bronzing pressure and bronzing time. Wait.

Second, the size of the bronzing area is different. The separation layer of the bronzing material is different. When the size of the bronzing area changes significantly, it is also very important to select the bronzing paper. Generally, the bronzing paper can be divided into fine bronzing, small and medium-sized color blocks, and large area. Color blocks, full-area hot stamping, etc. When the bronzing area changes significantly, the force of the hot stamping material is not the same. If you choose an inappropriate hot stamping material, the hot stamping will be weak, the hot stamping will be faint, dizzy, and the writing will be blurred. The paste and the edges of the graphic are not flat and unclear.

 Third, the selection of bronzing version Currently used more hot stamping version of copper plate, zinc plate, copper plated zinc plate and silicone plate. The copper plate has the characteristics of strong heat resistance and certain elasticity, and is suitable for the production of large-volume orders, and the production quality is relatively stable. The zinc plate has a softer texture and is cheaper. It is suitable for the production of small-volume orders. Considering the changes in the order quantity of traditional printing, the usage rate is increasing. Some even use a better silica gel plate instead. The production personnel should select the hot stamping version that is appropriate in price and can meet the production requirements according to the characteristics of the order and the requirements of the customer. Under normal circumstances, the production of bronzing plate is not produced by the printing company, but is processed externally. Therefore, the quality of the bronzing plate should be carefully checked before use, including graphic content, clarity, flatness, etc., and some layout requirements are not ideal (Figure The text is unclear, the surface is burr, the edges and corners are not neat, etc.), it is necessary to combine the sample draft for trimming, in order to effectively guarantee the quality of bronzing.