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What are the ways of paper bronzing?

The bronzing process is performed by heating a pattern of hot stamping or hot silver into a convex type, and then placing an aluminum foil of a desired color on the printed matter, and pressing the aluminum foil to adhere to the printed matter.

Tip: There are many kinds of bronzing paper materials, including gold, silver, laser gold, laser silver, black, red, green and so on.

(2) Film coating process

The laminating process is a surface processing process after printing, which refers to a product processing technology formed by laminating a transparent plastic film on the surface of a printed product by a laminating machine.

Tip: After the film is printed, the surface will be smoother, brighter, stain-resistant, water-resistant and wear-resistant.

(3) Concave-convex imprinting process

The process utilizes the greater pressure of the letterpress printing machine to roll a partial pattern or text on the already printed semi-finished product into a conspicuous and three-dimensional graphic.

Note: The embossing process is mostly used for the post-processing of printed matter and paper containers. In addition to packaging cartons, it is also used in the printing of bottle labels, trademarks, book bindings, calendars, greeting cards and other products.

(4) UV anti-metal etching printing process

UV anti-metal etching printing, also known as matte or sand surface printing, is a UV-curable (UV) curing after printing a layer of uneven translucent ink on a substrate with metallic specular gloss (such as gold and silver cardboard). Produces a glazed or matte finish on a shiny metal surface.

Note: UV anti-metal etching ink can produce suede and matt effect, making the print soft and solemn, elegant and luxurious.

In addition to the several printing processes described above, the paper packaging printing process also includes printing processes such as refractive, die-cutting, hydrothermal transfer, drop molding, ice-cream, and scratching silver.

Although the printing process of other packaging materials has many similarities with the printing process of paper products, each has its own characteristics, which will not be introduced one by one.