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How to use gold foil and precautions

Electro-aluminum hot stamping foil uses heat and pressure to transfer your pattern or text to the surface of the stamped material. This requires you to have a hot stamping machine. Then you need to make a copy of the text or pattern you want (such as: lead plate, copper plate, etc.) and heat the temperature required. Then place the product on it and add the appropriate pressure for 0.4-0.7 seconds. Exquisite gold foil paper pattern vividly. It should be noted that when hot stamping different materials, we should choose the right type of product, and choose the right temperature, pressure, hot stamping time, in order to achieve the ideal hot stamping effect. Gold foil paper application range Bronzing paper Gold foil paper, hot stamping rubber sheet, hot stamping rubber stamping, hot stamping accessories are all bronzing materials. The rubber sheets and rubber rollers are from the United States and Japan. They are used for large-area thermal transfer and can obtain uniform and beautiful processing surfaces. The rubber roller can be heated above 400°C without affecting its elasticity, toughness and tensile strength. It is durable, non-deformable, and its specifications are complete.
 Plastic products PP, PE, PS, ABS, PVC, PMMA... Appliance shells, electrical accessories, electronic products, cosmetic bottles, various types of packaging boxes, etc.
 Fabric Products Leather, Fabrics, etc.
 Paper bag, book edge, etc.
Gold foil paper specific classification
General plastic gilding paper: For the diversity of plastics, Japan LUSTER, Japan KOMA, Japan OIKE, Germany KURZ, Korea KOLON and other companies' products, can provide hot stamping foil on a variety of materials. For cosmetics packaging: PE hoses, PP caps, ABS bottles, glass coating, etc. Electronic plastic foils: In the case of the shell panel, Japan LUSTER, Japan REIKO (Liguang), the United States CFC, Germany KURZ dedicated In the introduction of the industry's popular mirror, brushed brush foil and bright gold and bright silver and other products, and domestic and foreign well-known enterprises TCL, SONY, SHARP, etc. have close business dealings.
Paper type gold foil paper: Japan LUSTER, Japan NAKAI, Korea ITW, KOLON, US Crown, UK API and other brands, can provide a variety of hot foil on the different paper and laminating (gold, silver, red, blue, green , black, white), laser foil, colorful foil, colorful foil, widely used in cigarette paper, wine boxes, greeting cards, calendars, lottery (scratch) and other paper products. Cloth type gold foil paper: For special requirements such as washing resistance of fabrics, Germany, Taiwan, Japan LUSTER and other imported fabric printing foils, fastness, brightness up to the international standard test. Bronzing Auxiliary Materials: There are hot stamping, hot stamping, foil cutting and other hot stamping auxiliary materials, hot stamping, hot stamping wheel is divided into two kinds of Japan and Taiwan, durable wear.