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Leather gold foil application

In the tannery industry, in order to improve the performance of leather, the surface of the leather needs to be finished, and bronzing is also a very important process, which can give the leather a beautiful surface effect.
   Before the leather is treated by bronzing or the like, the surface of the leather needs to be properly treated, such as oil removal, delustering, and mold proofing.

 The leather stamping process is as follows:

1. Before stamping, gold stamping is used in the hot stamping position so that the stamping paper can adhere to the leather surface. The main ingredient of the stamping oil is acrylic resin.

2. After printing, the corresponding gold foil paper is laid, and the transfer layer is attached to the leather surface through a hot stamping machine under a certain temperature and pressure.

 Leather bronzing process requirements:

1. The preparation of hot stamping oil is very important, its viscosity depends entirely on the adhesiveness of acrylic resin.

2. Drying should be done in groups after printing so as not to stick to each other where there is no ink.
3. Spread the leather stamped with gold foil on the non-woven fabric, and then place a gold foil on it.
4. After bronzing is performed, the surface of the leather will have a metallic luster after the gold foil is attached thereto, which can improve the surface decoration effect of the leather.

Our leather stamping paper is suitable for surface decoration of leather, PU synthetic leather, PVC, wallpaper, etc. The material has good flexibility and flexibility, and it will not burst. It can increase the abrasion resistance of the leather surface, make the product bright color, performance surface outstanding.

leather foil paper specifications:

   1. Thickness: 12μ
   2. Wide: 1160MM, 1200MM, 1300MM, 1500MM, 1600M
   3. Standard Specifications: 640MM 750MM
   4. Length: 120M 1500M can be customized according to requirements.

   5. Color: gold, silver, red, tin, black, double gold, other colors.