NOMANT guarantees consistent quality, efficient utilization of capacity, and rationalized system during all stages of the business, from development, procurement of raw materials, production, and packaging.

Centralized purchasing is achieved through our robust IT supplier database that records all raw material suppliers, shipments, and warehouses appropriately, thus allowing us to expedite all orders with the greatest efficiency. All materials are strictly inspected via our QC system and relevant documents & records are retained for future evaluation of supplier performance.

During the production phase, standardized workflows are illustrated with detailed instructions. Product quality is inspected at each stage of production in accordance with relevant quality inspection criteria. Any unqualified products will be screened and recorded in our quality improvement system with mechanisms for inspection and improvement measures.

To maintain a high level of quality control, the precision devices and instruments used for inspection, measurement, and testing are subject to regular calibration. Finished products delivered to customers are packaged and shipped only after they pass final examination.